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How to hire the best people for your business

Growth is a nerve-wracking, yet exciting take-on for any small business. You're putting your client's needs in the hands of someone else.....or are you?

Well, not really. Who you hire is fully within your control. You invite them, screen them, select them and train them. So why is it so stressful?

  • People can oversell themselves

  • You pick to "fill the slot" as time seems of the essence

  • There's so many to choose from!

Here are a few solutions/tips to help pick the best team members over "hiring someone."

  • Don't screen for experience over personality. You can easily skip over a dedicated prospect for someone who has what seems to be the best on paper, but find they're lacking drive or work ethic. The one with the personality will eagerly learn from you while the experienced may seem annoyed that you're showing them how you want your business to run when they've been taught before. Won knows, they might bring bad or incorrect habits with them

  • Hiring is costly and very time consuming. You can easily hire more "bodies" and end up frustrated, or even defeated, when you could've spent the time hiring that one, ideal person whom you can trust to deliver

  • Screen, screen, screen. Business relationships are still relationships. Working as a team always requires compatible work ethics, goals and interests. How many people have you encountered who took on a profession because they felt obligated, either for finances or family pressure. You can choose a profession, but you can't chose your character. Be sure to screen for the right person over the right'll be training them anyway!

**The best team will be like a family, all perfectly imperfect who compliment and support one another!

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